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If you are looking for a shortcut, this is not the place for you. Good things take time and our 6-month long bootcamp takes you on a journey to financial stability.

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80% graduates of xWave find jobs within 120 days of graduation.

Our 100+ graduates are working in the industry. . .

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  • Live Instructor-led Online Classes

    Remote classes give you the freedom to join from anywhere and learn from top experts worldwide. Our live, instructor-led online sessions are designed to be interactive and practical, providing a highly engaging experience that mirrors in-person classes.

  • Learning through Projects

    Doing a course is not enough; our course provides practical exposure through portfolio projects where you apply what you've learned. By working directly with our instructors, who are industry experts, you'll gain hands-on experience that prepares you for real-world challenges.

  • Expert Trainers

    We don't rely on traditional teachers or professors; instead, we believe that the most effective way to learn is directly from practitioners who bring real-world experience into the classroom.

  • No Quick Wins (6-9 Months)

    Great things take time! No one can get rich overnight. Our 6-month program is perfect for learning any new skill. This duration allows you to learn, practice, complete projects, and succeed at your own pace.

  • Empower with Essential Skills

    Imagine confidently navigating every conversation, solving problems effortlessly, and leading teams with finesse. We don't just teach you these skills in our soft skills and English classes; we empower you to apply them effectively in real-world scenarios.

  • Access to our Alumni Network

    Our community offers invaluable support, advice, and resources that help you expand your horizons and unlock your full potential. Dive into a learning environment where your growth is nurtured, and new opportunities are always within reach.

Our Succes Stories

xWave isn’t merely a center; it’s a gateway to success. My mentor Ms. Anum helped me unlock my skills. Today, I proudly hold a position at Daastan, and my earnings now provide crucial support to my family.

Zeeshan Akram

Designer @ Daastan

The coordination and courses offered by xWave were exceptional. The graphics and the support from the team were truly impressive, making my journey as a graduate truly worthwhile.

Aqsa Sajjad

Top Rated @ Upwork
I learnt a very in-demand skill – video editing from xWave. It helped me in finding a good job. I freelance as well and now I am finally earning my own income. I am satisfied with my decision to join xWave.

Muhammad Muzammil

Video Editor @ Fiverr

Gain insights from the best to reach your full potential.

Wardah Noor




Misbah Shafi

Learning & Development Lead

Ommer Amer

Placements Manager

Abeera Khan

Soft skills Trainer

Zuhaib Shaikh

Organizatioal Development Coach

Naqshab Aqeel

UI/UX Instructor

Ijaz Laiqut

Coding Instructor

Sania Ijaz

Academic Advisor

Explore Courses

RS. 120,000

Full Stack Development

Learn to build complete web applications from the ground up in a Full Stack Development course. Gain expertise in front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks, as well as back-end skills with server-side languages, databases, and deployment strategies.

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RS. 90,000

Frontend Development

Learn to design interactive web applications with a Front-End Development course. Become skilled in creating user interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Gain experience in responsive design principles, optimize workflows with Git, and master best practices.

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RS. 90,000

UI/UX Designing

Learn the principles of crafting engaging digital experiences in a UI/UX Design course. Explore the visual aspects of user interface design, like color theory, typography, and layout, while gaining insight into user experience through wireframing, prototyping, and understanding user behavior.

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